Traits of an emotionally mature man

My partner is just the right combination of gentle but strong. I searched long and hard for a man like him. Most men fall too far on one end of the spectrum. They may be gentle, but they’re actually just too sensitive. You wind up having to baby them, play...


Will you give breasts to your man or baby?

The breast, the most important external identification of females consists of 15 to 20 clusters of mammary glands surrounded by fatty fibrous tissues to give the breast its consistency. The amount of fat determines the size of the breast. The milk producing part is organised into lobes which have lobules...


The role of fathers in parenting

June 16, every year is celebrated as Fathers’ Day. The celebration of this day unlike Mother’s Day is often on low key. Why? In parenting, mothers are closer to the children than fathers. Are there any roles for fathers in parenting? Let’s begin a discourse on this. Fathers, undoubtedly, are...

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