33 year old Ghanaian builds Car

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A 33-year-old Ghanaian has built petrol mini trucks and a car from scratch.

Micheal Asidu started building his dreams into life using a combination of metal scrap materials, plywood and aluminium sheets to build his petrol mini-trucks to enable business owners transport their products easily.

Asiedu who is a resident of Takoradi in the Western region,revealed that: ”I have seen a lot of people trying to make both ends meet but doing it at the expense of their health. For instance if you visit Agbogbloshie where onions are sold, the young men who are not yet even married carries more than 80kg of onion on their back just to get some money.”

He added that: ”A person like this is going to be affected severely on the back bone. So with the talent God has given me I have decided to use it to help the immediate people around me. That is why I build machines like these types.”

The latest of his mind-blowing inventions is a manual truck that moves without it being pushed. Hitherto his invention, trucks had to be pushed or pulled using human power that Asidu has eliminated the human aspect.

By: Newseraonline.com

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