NABCO trainees called to enroll into NABCO Skills and Talent Academy in Saboba.

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The Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) trainees in the Saboba District of the Northern Region have been trained on how to register for the online NABCO Academy programme.

The programme, which was launched by President Nana Akuffo-Addo during the one year celebration of
the NABCO programme, is aimed at examining the competence of trainees for permanent employment.

The Academy would provide specialist training opportunities that would add value to the basic qualifications of NABCO personnel to enable them to transition seamlessly into permanent employment.

The NSTA programme would bring clarity to the exit preparation of NABCO trainees after their 3 years stint with the programme.  It ultimately, will deliver the requisite value-addition to the entry qualifications and competencies of all trainees, thus, making them both work ready and career-driven in their future pursuits.

Mr. Charles Biligoni, the NABCO Coordinator, cautioned trainees to attach seriousness on the
NABCO academy since it is an essential part to equipping the youth with employable skills.

He said each trainee is required to take a course on the NABCO portal and study it for a period of two years for a certificate to be awarded by the NABCO secretariat and the Kofi Annan IT Centre.

“The NABCO academy is a very important component of our development and I advise all of you to
register for the courses online”, he said.

Some trainees applauded government for the pragmatic steps taken to solve the unemployment situation in the country and pleaded with the government to arrange with the Module Implementation Partners to consider NABCO trainees first when there are vacant positions to be filled.

Mr. Charles Biligoni called on trainees who have problems with the payment of their stipends to visit their portal to ensure that the e-zwich details provided online to the secretariat were correct.

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