Saboba District Assembly dissolves it Assembly

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The Saboba District Assembly on October 07, 2019 held a meeting to dissolve the General Assembly. This has become necessary as the tenure of the Assembly expired on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

The Hon. DCE’s dissolution address touched on various issues in the District which include; Peace and Security, District Development Assessment Tool (DPAT), Health,Water and Sanitation, Disbursement of PWD Fund, The President’s Visit to Saboba, Ghana Card, Dissolution of the Assembly, and Finances of the District Assembly.

The Hon. DCE also used the opportunity to update the Assembly on various projects been carried out by the Saboba District Assembly.

He admonished Members to forgive one another for moments they have had to step on each other’s toes in the course of deliberations.

He concluded by wishing good luck to Hon. Members who intend to contest the next Assembly elections.

Saboba District was carved out of the then East Dagomba District In 1988, in pursuance of the Government’s Decentralisation and Local Government Reform policy, with Saboba as the district capital.

The Assembly is headed by Hon. George K. Bingrini who is currently the District Chief Executive.


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