10 Practical Tips to get over broken-heartedness

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Getting over a broken heart is no mean task, trust me. It’s no easy task to overlook broken trust or disappointment by a loved one. Whatever it is, you need your life back.
I hope these few tips help you out.

1. Pray for strength to forgive.
Forgive he/she who broke your heart no matter how difficult it may seem. Imprisoning them in your heart is like keeping coals of fire in your bosom. You’ll needlessly be burnt to ashes!

2. Pray that they do well. We wish others well for our own good. What you wish for others, you inadvertently wish for yourself

3. Be a master of your pain and use it as a gain. Take advantage of your pain. Inspire others with your experience. In life, we can choose to be either masters or slaves of our experiences.

4. Sieve what stays in your heart. We often allow what others did to us have the better part of us because we helplessly brood over them. Free your thoughts by letting go what they did or said!  

5. Be engrossed in your hobbies/talents as often as possible. Let your free time be occupied by what you love to do. An idle mind will feast on pain!

6. Leave the past. Live in the future. Until you let go of your painful past, you can’t hold on to your gainful future. Let go. Gain over pain!

7. Believe in yourself. You can live without them! We sometimes take forever to recover because we think we are nothing without whoever!

8. Learn your lessons. Have a small scrapbook and jot down all the lessons you’ve learnt from your experience. You may need such in future.

9. Tease yourself. Laugh over whatever happened. Finding even humor in our pain is one short route to healing.  

10. Look at life backwards. Look at today from tomorrow. There are bigger and better opportunities/people ahead. With the benefit of hindsight, you’ll one day realize how silly you would have been if you had harmed yourself because of those who hurt you today.

How practical are these? Well… I’ve been there and back!

Housouglo John 

(Psychology student)
University Of Ghana, Accra. 

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